KLM provide a professional, industry-leading sheet metal fabrication and welding service which is unrivalled in terms of its quality and precision, reliability and fast turnaround times.

Why should you look to KLM as your supplier or manufacturing partner?

Operating from our state-of-the-art 48,000 square foot facility, we combine cutting edge software and machinery with some of the industry’s most highly experienced sheet metal workers to ensure we can meet your business objectives whatever the specifications and however big or small the project.

As steel fabricators, we can act as sub-contractor, providing individual parts for companies, or an ‘end product’ for customers who need a finished structure.


When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, we are dedicated to delivering projects on-time, on-budget and fully to specification, which is one of the many reasons we continually retain our customers.

We provide:

  • Prototype design and development to full production.
  • BS EN ISO 9001 certification and BS EN 1090 certification.
  • Precision CNC machinery and programming.
  • Metal fabrication and welding.
  • Full mechanical assembly.
  • Comprehensive range of finishing and painting.

As sheet metal fabricators, our specialist areas cover tube, wire work, sheet metal work and general metal fabrication, and we also offer MIG welding and TIG welding complemented by a  metal dressing service.

Our sheet metal fabrication facilities are particularly suited to light and medium fabrications in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

KLM also offer spot welding, stud welding and projection welding of components.

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What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of transforming flat sheets of metal (typically steel or aluminium) into products or structures by way of assembling, folding, punching and cutting.


Why KLM?

Choose KLM Engineering to see your project through from concept to reality for the following key reasons:

»» Short Lead Times

Our set-up is designed with short lead times in mind, meaning five day or overnight turnarounds are not an issue.

»» Industry Flexibility

Our skilled steel fabricators are coded to weld a variety of materials which enable us to supply a number of diverse industries.

»» Premium Finish

The dressing capability allows stainless steel fabrications to be finished to a high standard, removing oxidisation marks and reapplying grain to brushed finished items.

»» Tube Bending Facilities

KLM also offer tube bending facilities so round or square tubes can easily be formed and slotted together.

Assembly operations are therefore more straightforward, eliminating the need for jigs and fixtures, and the results are quicker, cheaper, stronger and higher quality tubular fabrications than you would find with other sheet metal fabricators.

»» Control

Certified to ISO 9001 and BS EN 1090 means we have ultimate control of procedures and material control.

»» Support

Our sheet metal fabrication service is completely customer focused and is driven by an extensive technical support network.


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