Composite doors

KLM composite doors and accessories are designed to provide the ultimate solution for any building project.

We design, manufacture and, if required, provide composite door installation to suit your requirements.


composite doors

With KLM, every eventuality is covered – if we don’t have a solution to your problem on the shelf, we can find exactly what is wanted through our range of suppliers.

Being an OEM company we work directly with all major lock and hardware suppliers giving you the benefit of a quality product at competitive prices.

Our two-part frame system is perfect for temporary building requirements for new and refit modular buildings including rail side, telecom, mobile masts, schools, welfare site buildings, hire fleet, etc.

Over the past 40 years KLM has worked with a prestigious range of companies including the Elliott Group, Modular UK, Springfield Mobile, Portable Offices Ltd and AJC Trailers.

Clients Choose KLM as Their Composite Doors Manufacturers for the Following Reasons:

>> Quick and Easy Installation

Our composite door installation system has an advantage over others as the typical installation time is only 20 minutes.

>> Durable

We manufacture composite doors fitted thermally with a polystyrene core with bonded outer skins using a high quality galvanised steel sheet that has a surface rolled PVC skin forming a very durable finish.

Our composite doors also have minimal fade properties, are resistant to scratching, and have an expected lifespan of 30+ years.

>> Stability

KLM composite doors come with nine fixing points to ensure unmatched stability.

>> Building regulation compliant

The KLM range of standard composite doors is fully compliant with Parts M and L of the building regulations while combining low thermal value and excellent security performance.

Our composite doors have been submitted for U-value calculation in accordance with BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006.

Unglazed Plastisol Door set 1230 x 2180 Ud value W/(m2.k) of 1.7

Vision panel Plastisol Door set 1230 x 2180 Ud value W/(m2.k) of 2.0

Fully Glazed Plastisol Door set 1230 x 2180 Ud value W/(m2.k) of 2.2

Should higher security be a requirement, multi-point locking mechanisms, high security hinges, anti-jemmy strips and other enhancements can be applied as part of our composite door installation.

>> Variety of Options Available

We provide composite doors fitted in a wide range of standard colours, and for more traditional brick or curtain wall buildings a single more traditional style of frame arrangement is also available.

Pre-galvanised sheet, powder coated door panel finishes are available if required.

Double composite doors are also available to suit your needs.

>> Exceptional Customer Service

Our products are of the highest quality but should damage occur due to abuse we also offer a repair service for KLM purchased doors.

>> Quick Delivery

Our composite doors and accessories are delivered to your door with industry-leading dispatch times.

>> Bespoke Building Components

As leading composite doors manufacturers, we also provide a range of bespoke building components including:

  • Sliding shutter doors and meter cabinets.
  • Window and heater guards.
  • Appliance guards and security housing.
  • Shelving, storage, and internal partitions.
  • Lifting brackets, ramps and ceiling panels.
  • Bespoke louvres available to suit your airflow specifications.

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