Laser Cutting

KLM’s industry-leading laser cutting service draws on new generation fibre technology to deliver unparalleled laser processing performance.


Whatever the task or material, our laser cutting service offers supreme levels of accuracy, speed and efficiency, ensuring your exact project specifications are met on-time and within budget.

Sheet metal thicknesses we can cut are 22mm mild steel, 18mm stainless steel and 16mm aluminium.

What’s more, our ultra-fast laser cutter continually runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the shortest possible lead times.


What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is an extremely versatile cutting process which can profile a variety of materials from thick stainless steel to thin aluminium.

It works by using a gas assisted focused laser beam which strikes the surface with such extreme heat that it completely vaporises the material.

Crucially, the profiled parts within the material do not succumb to heat distortion due to the high speed rate the laser beam will cut.


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Why use a laser cutting service?

»» Precision

Laser cutting offers matchless precision when it comes to cutting raw metal.

It can cut a variety of metal into a variety of intricate shapes.

Fibre laser cutting also gives a superior edge finish that requires minimal de-burring and finishing when compared to other cutting techniques.


»» Speed

With a maximum feed rate of 60m per minute and automatic nozzle changing facility, laser cutting offers super-fast cutting speeds.


»» Flexible

Laser cutting is an extremely flexible option for profiling plate and sheet metal.

It can handle everything from simple components to those of supreme complexity, making it the ideal solution for producing both samples or full production batches.


»» Economical 

As a fibre laser cutting service we can accommodate most complex profiles without the need for additional processes.


»» Minimal Set-Up 

There is a minimal set-up process associated with laser cutting – all products, whether aluminium, steel or stainless steel, can be processed extremely quickly prior to the fabrication and metal forming stages.

This, again, saves time and cost when it comes to manufacturing.


Why choose KLM?

»» Pioneering

KLM Engineering are continually dedicated to investing in the latest technology and have been at the forefront of the laser industry since 1998, providing a market-leading flatbed laser cutting service as part of its precision sheet metal fabrication business. 


»» Industry Leading Technology

KLM’s all-new LCG3015-AJ Fibre 4kw Laser sets new standards for quality and value from a flatbed laser cutter.

Featuring high cutting speeds, low running costs and the ability to cut intricate detail at speed, this powerful machine offers new potential within designs while keeping costs to a minimum.

The ability to achieve short lead times is fundamentally re-enforced via technology investments of this nature.

The quality and pace of cut from the LCG3015-AJ is simply outstanding.


»» Fully Automated 

Drawing on new generation laser technology, our laser cutting service is entirely automated from beginning to end and can run, lights out, 24 hours a day seven days a week, completely unmanned.


»» Continuous Load/Unload System

Our AS LUL 3015 Load/Unload Tower system enables continuous and uninterrupted 24 hour scheduled processing, allowing material and parts to be loaded and unloaded without having to hold up the laser cutting cycle.

This improves productivity while reducing lead times and cutting costs.

In addition, the tower system uses vertical factory space improving material logistics whilst providing flexibility to produce smaller batch sizes from many different materials.


»» Enhanced Capabilities 

The latest technology allows us to cater to a wide range of materials – in addition to stainless steel and aluminium, KLM can also handle titanium and other aeronautical metals, tool and spring steels, galvanised sheet and zintec, copper, and brass.

Our laser cutting service can cut through it all!




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