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KLM Engineering is an industry-leading supplier of professional van racking systems and conversion products for commercial vehicles.

We have over 40 years’ experience in supplying premium quality shelving and van racks (either “off the shelf” or custom fitted), van linings (polypropylene or plywood), on-board electrics, sign writing, and livery.

We also provide a full range of vehicle racking accessories, including tool boxes, ladder holders, service case boxes, oil drum storage, document holders, secure laptop containers, tool storage site boxes and slide-out racking.

KLM sets the benchmark in vehicle racking systems, providing both innovative and practical solutions to organising and maximising available van space, helping to make your business more efficient and professional.

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Why Is Van Racking Important? 

When a business uses a commercial vehicle, such as a truck or van, to transport tools and accessories, it is essential that these items are kept secure and organised.

How much time, for instance, do your employees spend searching for tools they have misplaced in their vehicle?

And how often do your tools get dislodged when your vehicle hits a pothole?

Having secure and well-organised van racking system in place addresses these common headaches and streamlines business efficiency, helping employees easily keep track of their equipment 

In many countries, it is a legal requirement to deploy proper vehicle racking when transporting materials, in order to prevent any accident occurring involving loose items.

In addition to providing safety and security for loads and occupants and improving day-to-day efficiency, van racking systems can help enhance the professional image of your business, especially if your vehicle acts as your “shop window”.


Why Choose KLM Van Racking?


»» Lightweight Build

Our van racking is constructed using a high strength and 100% recyclable mixture of aluminium, steel and composite fibre materials, making it significantly more lightweight than conventional vehicle racking solutions and a much more efficient option, as it positively impacts fuel consumption and useable payload.

»» Fully Bespoke

Our van racks are fully bespoke and can be customised to suit any vehicle or arrangement. Using in-house design teams to visualise the potential of your vehicles, we work closely with our clients to make sure we can meet the day-to-day needs of your business. No matter the size of your commercial vehicle, our van racking systems will ensure your tools and accessories are safe and well organised.

»» Flexible

Based on modules, our bespoke vehicle racking systems are fully flexible and can cater to any future configuration changes your business may demand, as well as being available in a wide range of attractive colours.

»» Standard Range

In addition to providing a tailor-made service, we also supply standard van racking components, ensuring all requirements, whatever your budget, are catered for.


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