Powder Coating

Our powder coating delivers an unbeatable, industry-leading finish with minimal hassle and cost.

We pride ourselves on the unrivalled quality of our output (for both large and small runs), ultra-fast lead times, and our experienced and friendly customer service.

We have a full iron phosphate and powder coating plant at our disposal, offering polyester and epoxy polyester in a full range of colours in gloss, matt and textured finishes (if a non-standard colour is preferred this is matched and formulated to samples supplied). This process is available exclusively to our own in-house manufactured products.

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All materials used for powder coating are purchased from accredited sources to ensure consistent quality and parts are inspected in line with our ISO 9001 quality system.

We use different types of powder depending on whether the component is to be used internally or externally – other factors include gloss level and surface finish.

Besides powdercoating, we also offer alternative finishes – zinc plating, allochrome finishes and anodising.

All parts are packed to your exacting specifications and delivery can also be arranged at competitive rates.


What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is based on the principle that objects with opposite electric charges (positive and negative) attract one another.

Powder particles are negatively charged by passing them through a special spraying lance.

This results in a static electric field between the spray lance and the earthed component.powder coating

The powder particles then follow the field lines and adhere to the product.

The component is then conveyed through an oven where the powder is baked at temperatures of 160 to 200 degrees C for approximately 20 minutes.

Having been previously treated in a high pressure wash and degrease system then an iron phosphating process before a final rinse and entering a dry off oven before being powder coated.

Most conducting or thermally stable materials are suitable for powder coating and metals are particularly good due to their high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Complex metal components can be powder coated evenly with excellent adhesion.

Threaded components are protected by special covers or inserts.


Why Choose Powder Coating?

»» Durable

Power coating creates a finish which is harder and heavier, making it a lot more durable than alternative methods.

»» Resistant

Powder coating is more resistant to extreme temperatures, ultraviolent light and chemical spillages.

»» Green

Powder coating is a lot more environmentally friendly that other more frequently used paint processes.

»» Colour

Finishes are available in a wide variety of colours, from metallics to standard BS and RAL numbers.


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