Metal Bending

We offer an expansive range of panel bending and metal bending services, combining the latest cutting-edge tooling and technology with highly qualified and experienced staff to ensure all products are of the highest quality and delivered with the shortest possible lead times.

Our continual dedication to reinvestment in the best tooling and technology positions KLM as a true market leader, and our devotion to providing a reliable, quality-conscious and effective metal bending service allows us to meet all client business objectives in an efficient and suitable manner.

Salvagnini P4Xe

A highly powerful, efficient and flexible machine, the Salvagnini P4Xe automatically folds panels quickly and precisely to our clients’ specifications.

We are one of only a few subcontractors in the UK that operate a Salvagnini automatic metal bender of this size, as usually this particular type of machine is only located in factories that manufacture minimal types of product.

This industry-leading metal bender provides the following exclusive benefits to our clients:


Unparalleled flexibility

The Salvagnini does not require tool changing and has minimal set up and programming times, making it perfect for both long continuous runs or small batches of metal folding.

In addition, the great advantage of this latest model of panel bender is that it produces bend lengths up to 3.2m long by 1.5m wide with a height of 165mm in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. The machine includes a CLA negative auxiliary bending tool, which is particularly useful for downward window bends or welding tabs that require sectionalised tooling.

Combining the Salvagnini with our three Amada HFE130 press brakes, which lend themselves to more complex parts but still giving the accuracy and precision required, our skilled setters are capable of folding up to three metres long and stocking a wide range of tooling, giving KLM the most flexible approach possible for any metal folding application – regardless of size and complexity!

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Lightning Fast Cycle Times

The Salvagnini is significantly faster than other industry standard metal bender machines, delivering output at one fold per second, meaning we can provide super quick turnaround times.

For example, a typical panel which requires a complex mix of both positive and negative folding, will, on average, take the Salvagnini panel bender under a minute.


Cutting-Edge Accuracy and Product Repeatability

All HFE Amada press-brakes are digitally calibrated using DigiPro™ (a separate hand-held control), which ensures both easy correction and optimal functionality for all metal folding angles that are up to three metres long.

When combined with linked off-line folding software, our main programming software interface allows for accurate 3D simulation which can guarantee both the set up & repeatability of components.



The Salvagnini metal bending machine has also been designed to eliminate large panels of sheet metal being handled manually while in operation.




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