Balustrade & Staircase Installation

We design, manufacture and provide staircase installation and balustrade installation via a service which is cost-effective, highly professional and unmatched in terms of quality.

Our modular staircases are designed, manufactured and installed by KLM’s experienced team.

Staircase installation

 KLM staircases can be manufactured from two through to a six story modular unit and designed to varying ceiling heights.

Internal or external usage or as a bespoke solution all staircases encompass the full range of building regulations.

Your staircase can be supplied hot dipped galvanised or powder coated. For external environments, both are recommended.

staircaseballustradestaircase installation

Balustrade installation

Balustrading using the safety glass infill panel option are specified to the location and purpose; which can also be etched or frosted to meet your requirements.

Infill panels can be produced using a variety of materials and finishes to enhance a look or expand design possibilities.

Posts and fittings are stainless steel as standard but handrails have the option of being stainless steel, warm to touch or wood.

staircase and ballustrade installationstaircase balustrade installationstaircase installation

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